Who is ASI?

Since 1991 we've helped thousands of non-profits grow
revenue, reduce expenses, and improve performance through
best practices, ongoing client advice, and proven solutions.
We're the company behind iMIS — the world's #1 member
and donor engagement management system (EMS)™.


Our Clients

We've helped thousands of clients of all types and sizes including associations,
charities, regulatory, legal, public media, unions, AMCs, fraternal, faith-based, and more.


What is iMIS?

iMIS, developed by ASI, fuses database management and web publishing in a single cloud-based engagement management system (EMS)™ — eliminating data silos, improving reporting, and enabling continuous performance improvement.


One System Engages Everyone

iMIS enables you to connect with your members, donors,
and other constituents on any device — deepening
engagement, improving satisfaction, and increasing

iMIS Works for your Members and Donors on Any Device

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