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24 May 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud BillingNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 ESTregisterBILLES0519
24 May 2019Ask the iMIS Coach: IQANorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterATCIQA0519
24 May 2019iMIS Orientation: New User - Project Manager/Product OwnerAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk15:30:00 AESTregisterAPORPM0519
29 May 2019Order Entry for End UsersAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 AESTregisterAPOREU0519
29 May 2019Introduction to IQAEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKIQAI0519
29 May 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud CommerceNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 ESTregisterCOMESS0519
29 May 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud FundraisingNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterFUND0519
29 May 2019Introduction to iMIS AutoPay with DataVaultNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 ESTregisterATPAY0519
30 May 2019Orders - Inventory ManagementAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 AESTregisterAPORIM0519
30 May 2019Introduction to the IMIS SDK with RESTNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterRESTIN0519
30 May 2019Introduction to the iMIS SDK with RESTAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 AESTregisterAPREST0619
30 May 2019iMIS REST API Series: CartNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterRSTCRT0619
31 May 2019Orders for ManagersAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 AESTregisterAPORMN0519
31 May 2019Advanced IQAEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKAIQA0519
31 May 2019iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Moves ManagementNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterFNDMVE0519
31 May 2019System Admin - Tailoring, Security and MaintenanceAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk15:00:00 AESTregisterAPSATS0519
03 Jun 2019Billing/Dues for End UsersEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKBDEU0619
03 Jun 2019Business Object DesignerNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterBOD0619
03 Jun 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud FinanceAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 AESTregisterAPFNES0619
03 Jun 2019Introduction to iMIS Process AutomationNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk14:00:00 ESTregisterPROAUT0619
03 Jun 2019Introduction to iMIS Process AutomationAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk15:00:00 AESTregisterAPPRAT0619
04 Jun 2019Billing/Dues for AdministratorsEuropeOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 GMTregisterUKBDAD0619
04 Jun 2019Introduction to iMIS Engagement ScoringNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk10:00:00 ESTregisterENGSCR0619
04 Jun 2019Essentials of iMIS Cloud BillingAsia-PacificOnline At Your Desk10:30:00 AESTregisterAPBLES0619
04 Jun 2019iMIS Cloud Fundraising: Campaigns and SegmentationNorth AmericaOnline At Your Desk12:30:00 ESTregisterFNDCMS0619