Essentials of iMIS Security

New course for 2019!


Security in iMIS Cloud Enterprise and Professional allows administrators to maintain security with ease while also following best practice standards for GDPR, PCI and other security protocols. iMIS allows system administrators to configure important security settings directly from the staff site such as login credentials, staff access, module authorization levels, and much more.

By using roles and groups during an implementation, you have the opportunity to clean up your groups of users. Security in iMIS allows you secure any data and interfaces by group and role. We will show you the key differences between Company Administrators, Committee Administrators and Chapter Administrators and explain how best to use these various role and how to assign users in iMIS to these different roles.

This course will provide you with an introduction to on the how to of security, privacy, and some of the nuances surrounding an implementation. You will learn how to secure fields, content, and navigation.

iMIS Security is being updated regularly to include current security and industry best practices. Class will update you on the standards and how implement them in iMIS.

How you will benefit

You will be able to:

  • Plan your roles and groups around the best practices needed to complete a successful administration
  • Implement and maintain roles and groups
  • Secure content and navigation
  • Take advantage of access levels and layers

While this class is designed for users of iMIS Cloud Enterprise, clients of iMIS Cloud Professional may also benefit.

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