iMIS RiSE for Content Managers

This on-line workshop introduces you to the basics of site management, navigation and creating content in IMIS RiSE and especially the power of iParts.

If you are charged with building more dynamic interactive content for your organization this introduces you to the iPart concepts for content management, iMIS style. Use simple and complex modular iParts to build pages from a simple HTML page to full motion video.

This workshop combines lecture, hand-outs and labs. Get hands-on experience in putting together your own content pages, with time for lab completion and discussion.

This on-line workshop covers the everyday basics of creating content in iMIS RiSE.

At the end of the class, attendees will have an understanding of:

  • Creating content, both HTML and Dynamic, using iParts
  • Making the dynamic connection to iMIS via iParts
  • Create structure with Site Designer

Course Dates

Upcoming DatesTimeRegionRegister
21 Apr 202009:30:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPRSCM0420
06 May 202010:00:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterRISECM0520
18 May 202013:00:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPRSCM0520
08 Jun 202010:00:00 GMTEuroperegisterUKRSCM0620
11 Jun 202014:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterRISECM0620

Pricing Matrix

This course is a 1 session At Your Desk course.

  Early Reg.* Regular Reg.
Global 1 voucher ** 1 voucher **
US $260 $275
Canada $260 + tax $275 + tax
Asia-Pacific $260 + tax $275 + tax
Europe £155 + tax £175 + tax
*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of class.
** Vouchers provide a greater discount than even early registration and can be used globally for any class by anyone in your organization.

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