iMIS Orientation: New Fundraising User - Introduction (on-demand)

This on-demand session is intended for anyone new to iMIS, whether you are an existing iMIS client with new staff or a new iMIS client beginning your implementation. This class will give you an overview of the iMIS system and its' capabilities.   In the past there were separate sessions for Fundraising Organization and for Membership Organizations.  We have combined these into a single introductory session now that is offered on-demand.   For those on the iMIS Learning Subscription, this is also a great starting point to see the capabilities of iMIS and decide where you may like to focus your training plan.

Topics to be covered in this iMIS Orientation session include:
  • Staff Site Overview
  • Basics of
    • Customers
      • Chapters
      • Committees
      • Communities
    • Events
    • Orders
    • Billing
    • Fundraising
    • Finance
      • Autopay
    • RiSE
    • Communications
  • Donor Site Overview
  • ASI Support Resources
    • Help site
    • Videos
    • Training

Finally, if you are interested in booking a live, instructor-led, private iMIS Orientation session just for your team to cover whatever topic they want to cover at a time which meets their schedule, check out our iMIS Coaching program.  You can provide your team with access to blocks of 8 hours of iMIS Coaching for a simple fixed price.
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