Essentials of iMIS Cloud Contacts

New course for 2020!

The Essentials of iMIS Contacts class provides staff users all the tools needed to manage contacts in their iMIS database. From looking up contact records, to editing contact profiles, understanding how contacts view their own records through the customer self-service portal.

This class will review all of the areas of the iMIS Community Module that you might need to manage your contact records. It will use the most current version of iMIS Cloud Enterprise. The session is instructor led and is demonstration style only.

How you will benefit

You will be aware of Contact management in iMIS Cloud Enterprise:

  • Find, Add and Edit Contact records
  • Customer Self-Service Portal
  • Managing Company Records
  • Company Administrator Role
  • Managing relationships
  • Manage Duplicates
  • Committee Management
  • Community Dashboard
  • Contact Reports

This class is ideally suited for staff end users or anyone that uses iMIS to manage contact records. The class is delivered in iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300) but is also suitable for iMIS Cloud Professional (20-200) and iMIS 2017 staff site users.

Earn credit toward these iMIS Certifications

Course Dates

Upcoming DatesTimeRegionRegister
28 May 202009:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterCONESS0520
18 Jun 202013:00:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPCNES0620
19 Jun 202013:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterCONESS0620
29 Jun 202011:30:00 GMTEuroperegisterUKCNES0620
13 Jul 202014:00:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPCNES0720
27 Jul 202011:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterCONESS0720
10 Aug 202015:30:00 ESTNorth AmericaregisterCONESS0820
18 Aug 202010:00:00 AESTAsia-PacificregisterAPCNES0820

Pricing Matrix

  Early Reg.* Regular Reg.
Global iMIS Learning Subscription
includes this class**
US $130 $145
Canada $130 + tax $145 + tax
Asia-Pacific $130 + tax $145 + tax
Europe £75 + tax £85 + tax
Vouchers 0.5 voucher  0.5 voucher 
*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of the session.
** An active iMIS Learning Subscription covers the cost of registration for any member of your team.

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