iMIS 20 Principles for Partners

This in-depth, intensive, three day class covers the key fundamentals of iMIS 20 - the first Full-Cycle Engagement Management System Empowering Continuous Performance Improvement. Through a hands-on, business case based exploration of out-of-the-box iMIS 20 EMS, you will discover the new full-cycle approach to Engagement Management and see how each element in the course ties directly to the iMIS 20 Value Cycle. We will focus on four main subject areas of critical importance for partners bringing iMIS 20 to their clients:

  • RiSE - the DNA of iMIS 20
  • Engagement Management
  • Commerce
  • Continuum

This course covers what is new in iMIS 20 and how to effectively use it to improve member/donor engagement and organizational performance including:

  • Quick start sites
  • Content Gallery
  • Public social networks
  • Private communities
  • Self-Service
  • Mobile device access
  • Relationships
  • and much more!

By the end of this class, you will be fully prepared to bring the iMIS 20 Value Cycle to your clients, understand the direct business value of each of these elements in iMIS 20, and have the practical hands-on experience necessary to make your clients successful with iMIS 20.

The class concludes with a test reviewing your understanding of the approach to full-cycle engagement management with iMIS 20 and the practical elements to make that happen. This class and test are part of the requirements on your journey to becoming a Certified iMIS Professional.


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This course is a 3 day classroom-based course.

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US $2160 $2400
Canada $2160 + tax $2400 + tax
Asia-Pacific $2160 + tax $2400 + tax
Europe £1650 + tax £1950 + tax
*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of class.
** Vouchers provide a greater discount than even early registration and can be used globally for any class by anyone in your organization.

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