SPP:  Implementing to Enable Continual Performance Improvement

This in-depth, intensive, two day class covers the fundamentals of the new implementation approach for iMIS through the Success Partnership Program (SPP). The SPP is a paid client engagement that offers a 5 Step program where we facilitate best practices and operational tools to improve performance and enable Continual Performance Improvement. We focus on our key measurements of Recruit, Engage, Measure and Grow. The deliverable for the client is an Engagement Management System Preview that iMIS can provide a solution for their key business drivers and is the first step for clients along their iMIS Life Cycle.

We will focus on four main subject areas in moving a client through a SPP in order to help ensure a successful implementation:

  1. What is an SPP – you will learn the key elements of the SPP Initiation, how these are conducted and the deliverables that are provided
  2. Estimating the Continuing SPP Life Cycle – you will learn how to approach estimating the Continuing SPP Life Cycle for your clients, how to engage them for success, and how to evaluate their skills to ensure their continued participation
  3. SPP Continuation  Process – you will learn how projects move forward through the SPP Life Cycle, and how to approach training clients
  4. 3 Phases of SPP Continuation – you will learn how to continue the implementation work started during the SPP, how to take a client through the 3 Phases of SPP Continuation and learn when is the right time in the cycle to deploy the system

By the end of this class, you will have the practical hands-on experience necessary to engage your clients through the SPP Life Cycle so that they are successfully using IMIS and have enabled Continuous Performance Improvement.

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This course is a 2 day classroom-based course.

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