Introduction to the iMIS SDK with REST

The iMIS SDK introduces a cloud-friendly capability of iMIS to extend and tailor functionality above and beyond what comes out of the box. It gives developers the ability to access data to and from the iMIS database through a RESTful interface while conforming to SOA best practices and maintaining iMIS database consistency and integrity. The iMIS SDK also provides a means for employing browser-based UI frameworks to deploy new functionality on an iMIS web instance without having full system access to the underlying web server.

The iMIS SDK is an HTTP-based web API that allows developers to send a request to a simple URL instead of using XML. The iMIS SDK uses JSON objects to send the data in smaller payloads between the client and the server. A lazy-loaded pattern allows asynchronous handling when objects are loaded on a page, which also improves performance.

This instructor led online workshop will provide you with an introduction to REST and how to access the iMIS SDK. This class doesn’t cover how to create Dynamic Content Items (iParts), financial transactions, or best practices for reselling protected extensions. Future intermediate and advanced REST classes will cover these more advanced topics.

How you will benefit

You will be able to:

  • Create, display, update, and, delete contacts
  • Display groups, products, and events
  • Query IQA data returning a generated lists
  • Understand iMIS data contracts and common entity types

Course Dates

Pricing Matrix

This course is a 2 session At Your Desk course.

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Global 2 vouchers ** 2 vouchers **
US $520 $550
Canada $520 + tax $550 + tax
Asia-Pacific $520 + tax $550 + tax
Europe £310 + tax £350 + tax
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