Introduction to iMIS AutoPay with DataVault

Providing a secure method for processing payments ensures confidence when your customers visit your website. The PCI Security Standards Council has established security standards called PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) or PCI Compliance.

iMIS AutoPay with DataVault provides an effective solution for securing payment information. DataVault is a backend tokenization engine that supports processing of credit cards and bank account payments while maintaining PCI compliance. Since the payment information is not stored in iMIS, PCI Compliance is only required on the DataVault. This reduces the expense of complying with PCI standards on every iMIS website.

The DataVault is used with iMIS installations licensed for iMIS AutoPay. After configuring iMIS for automatic payments, a member or donor can automatically renew their membership fees or set up recurring donations using a credit card or bank account. The DataVault is a separate utility that processes payment requests sent to it by iMIS.

This instructor led online workshop will provide you with the foundation to configure and process payments. It combines lecture and labs, with time for lab completion and discussion. This is where to start learning about iMIS AutoPay with DataVault.

How you will benefit:

Using iMIS AutoPay to process automatic payments offers a variety of benefits for your organization:

  • iMIS AutoPay makes it easy for you to offer secure automatic payment options to your members and donors.
  • Provides automatic payment processing using a token as a surrogate for the payment information. The token isn’t associated with the credit card or bank account, ensuring the security of your members’ and donors’ financial information.
  • Organization staff will save time as they will no longer need to manually enter credit card numbers for recurring payments each time the payment is due.

Course Dates

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This course is a 1 session At Your Desk course.

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