Introduction to iMIS for Associations

This in-depth three-day class covers the core modules of iMIS and is an excellent, fast-paced introduction to iMIS, focusing on extensive hands-on practice, and demonstrations.

Designed for iMIS newcomers, or experienced users seeking to fill gaps in their knowledge of iMIS, it is also appropriate for managers and administrator's looking for a general all-round understanding of iMIS and its capabilities.

At the end of this class, attendees will have learned and practiced:

  • Entry and management of customer data and communications
  • Set up, management and administration of events and processing of registrations
  • Set up, management and administration of AR Cash
  • Set up, management and administration of cash dues billing

Credit toward Certification

Course Dates

Pricing Matrix

This course is a 3 day classroom-based course.

  Early Reg.* Regular Reg.
Global 8 vouchers ** 9 vouchers **
US $2160 $2400
Canada $2160 + tax $2400 + tax
Asia-Pacific $2160 + tax $2400 + tax
Europe £1650 + tax £1950 + tax
*The early registration period ends 2 weeks before the start of class.
** Vouchers provide a greater discount than even early registration and can be used globally for any class by anyone in your organization.

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