Mastering BOD with iMIS Cloud Expression Builder

New course for 2020!

Expression Builder In this advanced technical session, we will use examples, setup and configuration to explore how new options in Business Object Designer (BOD) and Intelligent Query Architect (IQA) will allow you to take your data analysis and configuration to the next level.

For those coming from a SQL environment, this class will help you replace SQL tools like views and functions.  Learn how new features are improving IQA and truly making it our go-to tool in iMIS.

We will show you a number of practical examples of how to use the new Expression Builder within Business Objects that you can apply to your own iMIS Cloud system.

This session is instructor led and is demonstration based only. We’ll discuss some of the core ways that your organization can leverage iMIS data to provide meaningful KPIs.

How you will benefit

You will be aware of advanced data tools in iMIS Cloud:

  • Business Object Designer
  • Intelligent Query Architect
  • Expression Builder
  • Special pricing

This class is ideally suited for technical users who are looking to get the most out of your iMIS data and reporting. We recommend people who are interested in this topic should attend our Business Object Designer and IQA classes first because this class will build upon that knowledge and experience.

While this program is designed for users of iMIS Cloud 300—(Enterprise) , clients of iMIS Cloud 200—Professional may also benefit.

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