Introduction to iMIS Engagement Scoring

iMIS Engagement Scoring formulas allow you to easily determine who is engaging with your organization, how they are engaging, and at what level. Engagement score formulas are often calculated to statistically display engagement trends among members of your organization. Displaying these trends can benefit your organization and provide increases to the following areas:
  • Donation levels
  • Membership growth, renewals and upgrades
  • Participation on social media
  • Website traffic
  • Volunteerism within your organization
  • Event attendance
  • Overall member and donor interaction with your organization
Engagement Scoring
This instructor-led online workshop is delivered demonstration style with time for questions and discussion.

How you will benefit
You will be able to:
  • Plan which components you want to score
  • Determine the score for each component
  • Define score categories
  • Calculate, analyse and recalculate scores as needed
  • Create a dashboard to display the scores

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