Mastering iMIS Membership Setup

(Previously known as iMIS Cloud Billing: Memberships and Dues)

iMIS Cloud provides all the tools needed to manage individual or company memberships including fees for multi-tiered, variable duration, and other complex membership models.

This course focuses on how to create a membership structure, apply special pricing and billing requirements for management of new members.

How you will benefit

Following this course you will have greater understanding of:

  • Membership model in iMIS
  • Membership settings required for membership setup
  • Creating a membership process
  • Billing Products, Customer Types and Billing Cycle creation
  • Applying Special Pricing rules
  • Member join setup
  • Member Join Process

This course is ideally suited for staff and leadership involved in membership management.

iMIS Version: iMIS Cloud Enterprise (20-300) only - there are other courses on membership for  iMIS Cloud Professional (20-100/200) and Billing for iMIS 2017 versions.

Pre-Requisite Course:
Essentials of iMIS Billing

Course Dates

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