ASI Releases 2016 Global Association/Not-for-Profit Benchmark Survey Results

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) has released its 2016 Global Benchmark Reports on Membership Performance and Fundraising Performance, which explore the specific results, challenges, and goals of associations and not-for-profits across North America, EMEIA, and Asia-Pacific. ASI — a leading global provider of software and services for associations and not-for-profits — found interesting mobile adoption, engagement measurement, and retention trends as part of its annual survey of executives.

Alexandria, VA (January 28, 2016) - Advanced Solutions International (ASI), a leading global provider of software and services for associations and not-for-profits, has released its second annual Global Benchmark Reports on Membership Performance and Fundraising Performance today. Based on survey results of 734 membership executives and 465 fundraising executives across the US, Canada, Asia-Pacific and Europe/Middle East/India/Africa (EMEIA), the two reports explore the foremost challenges, goals and opportunities not-for-profits are now facing.

In mid-to-late 2015, ASI conducted the surveys to uncover the latest trends in operational performance. Benchmark surveys were distributed via email to senior-level executives at organizations of all sizes and sectors and consisted of 23 questions spanning five primary interest areas: demographics, performance, technology, website/mobile, and goals.

The 2016 survey reports show that engagement is one of the respondents' top goals and this focus — as well as increasing mobile/online options, replacing outdated management systems and updating the website — is having an impact on one of the most critical metrics for today’s not-for-profits: retention. Key findings included:

Membership Performance

For the second year in a row, executives are most challenged by an inability to accurately measure member engagement and inadequate reporting tools. Top goals include increasing member engagement, retention, and new member acquisition. But, while engagement is vital to retaining members, less than one-third (31%) of respondents currently have a formal plan to measure it. Other findings include:

  • 38% of Respondents Reported a 90+% Retention Rate.
  • 55% saw a rise in their membership base (up from 48% last year)
  • 41% have seen increases in engagement


Fundraising Performance

Fundraising professionals are concerned with a lack of integration between their database and website and their inability to properly measure donor engagement. Their goals center on acquiring new donors and increasing donor retention and engagement -- yet only 32% report they have a formal plan to measure their engagement efforts. Additional findings include:

  • Nearly one-third of all respondents have a 76% or greater overall retention rate
  • 51% saw an increase in their donor base
  • 49% have seen increases in engagement


The overall tone of the 2016 surveys was very hopeful: 53% of membership Participants and 49% of fundraising participants are very confident/optimistic about their future growth and sustainability in the next 5 years.

About ASI

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is a recognized global, industry thought leader that focuses on helping associations and not-for-profits increase operational and financial performance through the use of best practices, proven solutions, and ongoing client advisement. Since 1991, ASI has served nearly 4,000 clients and millions of users worldwide, both directly and indirectly through a network of over 100 partners, and currently maintains corporate offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.