Not-for-Profits Leverage No-Risk ASI Program to Preview How iMIS 20 Will Align with Their Business Strategies — Before Investing

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is expanding its new Success Partnership Program (SPP) to allow more organizations to use their own data and processes in a real-world environment to determine how iMIS 20 will work for them before deciding to invest. A leading global provider of software and services for associations and not-for-profits, ASI has designed the SPP to help organizations get the most out of their technology investments; it begins with a complimentary 25-question assessment that can be downloaded from the ASI website.

Alexandria, VA (November 30, 2015) - Advanced Solutions International (ASI), a leading global provider of software and services for associations and not-for-profits, is announcing the expansion of its Success Partnership Program (SPP) to allow more organizations to preview iMIS 20 using their own data and processes in a real-world environment before deciding to invest. Learn more at

The SPP helps clients proactively identify critical needs quickly, prepare a technology investment plan that will align with their organizational strategy, and — if desired —be used to ensure that any vendor the client works with in the future (whether iMIS or another solution) will accurately address their issues. This approach ultimately saves time/money and significantly lowers the risk of investing in the wrong technology assets and repeating past mistakes.

The first step in the SPP is a 25-point complimentary, no-risk Success Assessment™ that compares the client’s operations to industry best practices. Download the assessment.

With iMIS 20, ASI continues to extend its vision of the only Engagement Management System for the not-for-profit world, replacing obsolete CRM and AMS systems. iMIS 20 enables clients to better engage their members, donors, and other constituents anytime, anywhere, from any device. The system helps organizations increase staff efficiency, better engage with their constituents, and achieve continuous performance improvement.

Client Successes

A few SPP clients have shared their success with the innovative program, including:

Appraisal Foundation: "Everything was delivered on-time and as promised. We would absolutely recommend the SPP to any not-for-profit that needs to be sure that the new system will meet their needs and help them reach their performance goals before investing. The entire SPP experience is the reason we moved forward with the iMIS implementation." Read the full success story.

British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI): "The SPP gave us a great opportunity to review our business goals, it gave us an opportunity to review our business processes. We considered it to be a low risk option because ultimately we were going to be coming out of it with some very useful information and reports all at minimal cost … One of the strengths of the SPP was that there was very a clear structure to taking us through that investigation process which would help clarify what we needed to do in terms of achieving our medium- to long-term business goals." Watch a short video interview about their experience.

About ASI

Advanced Solutions International (ASI) is a recognized global, industry thought leader that focuses on helping associations and not-for-profits increase operational and financial performance through the use of best practices, proven solutions, and ongoing client advisement. Since 1991, ASI has served nearly 4,000 clients and millions of users worldwide, both directly and indirectly through a network of over 100 partners, and currently maintains corporate offices in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.