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Our service is a highly-efficient, short-term consulting engagement designed to help you identify your key operational challenges, build internal consensus on priorities, and develop a plan of action.

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Discovery How We Can Help

Discovery Process

One-on-one discovery meetings with key executives.

Gather at an Executive Workshop

Executive Workshop

Group workshop to review our findings and build internal consensus on what matters most.

Get the Final Report

Final Report

Final report detailing the findings of the discovery meetings and results of the workshop.


Discovery Process

Uncovering Your Challenges

To help uncover your challenges we interview each member of your leadership team using our proprietary membership and operational analysis, distilled from the best practices of our top-performing clients.

Applying the analysis is a positive experience for all involved. It works as a framework that, combined with qualitative feedback, helps drive the Executive Workshop.


Executive Workshop

Building Consensus with Your Team

Using the results of our Discovery Process we guide your team through a four-hour in-person workshop to help you:

  • Review and understand each team member’s view of your operational challenges
  • Build consensus among the team on the most important operational challenges
  • Prioritize your operational challenges based on those that can have the biggest impact in the shortest time

Final Report

Documenting Our Findings

Using the results of the Discovery Process and Executive Workshop we produce a final written report including:

  • A heatmap of the findings from our operational analysis
  • An executive summary of our overall findings
  • Suggestions and next steps for tackling your prioritized operational challenges

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