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This entire site is copyrighted ©2013 by Advanced Solutions International, Inc., 901 North Pitt Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. All rights are reserved. Some parts of the site were also originally copyrighted © 1991 to 2012 by ASI. Elements of this web site are protected by trade dress and other laws and may not be copied or imitated in whole or in part.

No permission is given to our competitors to copy, publish or republish any material on this site, although they may view the material in our public areas.

Permission is given to other people interested in obtaining the products that we license and sell, to make a reasonable number of copies of information in our public areas to use internally in order to reach their purchase decisions.

Permission is given to licensed users of our Products to make reasonable numbers of copies of materials from the public or customer areas but only for their own internal use and with the exception that they are not permitted to create manuals, guides or other training materials that are functionally similar to those that can be purchased from us or from their Solution Provider.

Any permitted copying, publication or republication must be done without altering the material quoted or distorting the information quoted or conveying a concept different from what is on the site.
Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved. We are liberal about making exceptions, so contact us if you have any doubts.


iMIS, e-Series, C/S, CyberiMIS, iMIS.com, Content Manager, RiSE and Progress CRM are trademarks, logos, servicemarks and designmarks ("Marks") of Advanced Solutions International, Inc. (ASI) that are used to identify its products, both individually and in combination. Thus, the following are also Marks of ASI: iMIS C/S, iMIS C/S for Sybase ASA, iMIS C/S for Microsoft SQL, iMIS for MSDE, iMIS for SQL Express, iMIS e-Series,Public Views, iMIS.com, and iMIS Fund Raising, . Also, iMIS Xtender, iMIS Fund Raising, iMIS Symmetry, iMIS Expo, iMIS Service Central, iMIS.com iMIS Web Services Central, iMIS Unified, iMIS Client/Server, iMIS e-X where X is the name of a module or option such as e-Events or e-Orders. In addition, where iMIS is used as part of an acronym, the acronym is also a trademark of ASI, such as iBO (iMIS Business Object) and AiSP (Authorized iMIS Solution Provider). These Marks of ASI, brand special modules, services or programs. iMIS is a registered trademark.

The names of other companies and their products mentioned on this site are the trademarks of their respective owners. The ASI Marks of iMIS Enterprise, iMIS Millennium, Express! and iMIS W are not being marketed but still identify products that are in use and all rights continue to be reserved.

Please note that in some sections of this site, technical limitations prevent the showing of the normal display attributes of these Marks and, for example, iMIS.com may appear as imis.com. This is particularly true in postings. It is not an indication that ASI has abandoned its Marks or any of its rights in its Marks, but only of the immaturity of web tools.

Our Solution Providers are authorized to use many of our Marks to identify themselves as providers of those Products. This authorization is in our separate agreement with them. Others are not permitted to use our Marks without our written permission and especially not where it could create confusion in the mind of potential customers.


Information on this web site may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors. Information may be changed or updated without notice. We have attempted to be as accurate as possible at the time that information is added to this site, but the pace of change in the computer field makes information quickly out of date. Always contact us to verify information before relying upon it, even for planning purposes. We may also make improvements and/or changes in the products and/or the programs described on the site at any time without notice. Information on demonstration and show sites are deliberately inaccurate because they represent mythical organizations.

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The information in the public areas is summary information and not technical information and all products and services are sold or licensed based only on their technical specifications as contained in our current manuals, bulletins and alerts or in a Task Order. All sales or licensing of products is under the terms of our License Agreement for ASI Products and all services are preformed under the terms of our Master Services Agreement.

The information in our customer areas is provided as a service to assist users of our products and to supplement, not supplant, the Solution Provider or our Consulting Department who is your primary source of information. The information on this site is "associated documentation" as defined in the License Agreement and the disclaimers and limitations of liability in your Services Agreement apply to the information you may obtain from this site.

The information in our Solution Providers areas is provided as a service to our Solution Providers, including our Authorized Resellers and Authorized Consultants. Technical information is provided with the expectation that the Solution Provider is highly skilled in its tasks and should be used with care since each site is unique. Our liability is limited as detailed in the Solution Provider Agreement, Services Agreement or other agreement with the Solution Provider.

The information in our employee areas is part of our Intranet and it is confidential and proprietary and you are not permitted to access or download it.


We host a number of Forums for End-Users (including Solution Providers) to exchange information and help each other. Forums are interactive pages where the reader is able to enter information for others to see. Forums include blogs, wiki's, books, polls and projects in addition to traditional posting forums. Some are commercial Forums used mainly to advertise products being sold by Solution Providers (our Solution Providers independently resell our products or services as well as their own products and services). We are not responsible for the content of the messages in a commercial forum. Many may contain programs or program fragments and we do not check them for accuracy or even if they contain viruses. Use them at your own risk. Goods and services advertised in Forums are not endorsed, reviewed or advocated by us. Investigate them thoroughly and buy and use them at your own risk.

We are not responsible for the messages posted on any Forums that are not signed by ASI, as a company. See our main legal statement for details. We are not responsible for the accuracy, truthfulness, content or use of any message posted on a Forum. If a message is posted by an ASI employee that identifies him/her as being an employee (e.g. ASI-Consulting) but does not say “on behalf of ASI”, then the message is from the person as an individual and not from ASI as a company and the reference to ASI is for identification purposes only.

All messages that you post are assumed to be in the public domain and can be read, copied and republished by anyone without any restrictions. If this is not true for a particular message, you must state so explicitly in the message. All messages that we post, however, are subject to all of the restrictions of this site, including copyright and access.

Any information that you post is at your own risk. We do not enforce copyright protection and often posting ideas, program fragments or entire programs may cause you to lose any trade secret protection you had in the ideas, algorithms or coding methods. We can make commercial use these ideas or code, ourselves. If you are selling these goods or services, we do not collect for you nor create or enforce any agreements between you and your prospect or customer. Any information that we post about our products is "additional documentation" under the terms of the License Agreement and should not be discussed outside of the community of iMIS users.

We have a special forum for submitting "How To" questions about using iMIS. This forum is available to End-Users in good standing (not suspended or on credit hold) who are members of our Software/Update Plan. The questions are private (not seen by other users) and answered by our award winning Technical Support Department. Although we do our best, we can not guaranty that every answer will always be correct or will properly apply in your situation.

Most Forums have Do's and Don't or other rules about postings. By using the Forum, you agree to read and follow them.


Sometimes we provide links to other web sites established by third parties These links are provided only as a convenience and service to you and we do not make any representations about these sites or the materials available there.

Demonstration Sites

We also maintain demonstration web "sites" that are part of a main site but used to demonstrate our products. They often may look like the separate site of a mythical organization and you should not rely on any of the content on such sites. Any similarities with a real site are unintentional. In addition, we have "show sites" that are set up for showing our products to a single prospect that may have information about that prospect. If you stumble upon a show site and somehow get past its security, please leave it if you are not the prospect.

Access and Passwords


Access to the public areas is available to anyone, even our competitors. Access to the customer areas is reserved for users of our products who are members of our Software Update Plan and a password is required. Almost all iMIS sites are members of this plan since the updates add so much value to the user community. Access to the Solution Provider areas is reserved for Authorized Solution Providers (our Solution Providers include our Authorized Resellers and Authorized Consultants who independently resell our products or services) and a password is also required. It contains highly technical information that should only be used by people who have received training from us and have had experience with our Products. Accessing an area for which you are not authorized involves your downloading copyrighted information, violates our copyright and is prohibited. If you need information that is not available in your authorized area, contact us. We can almost always help.


If you are using a password to access an area on our site, that password is only for your use and must not be shared with anyone inside or outside your organization. If you have a temporary password, you can only use it to educate yourself about the scope of the services and you agree not to rely on any information you obtain in the process.

Credit, Liability and Data

Credit and Liability

If you are buying any goods or obtaining any services from us (even free services) through this web site, your transactions are subject to the following terms.

(Credit) You will be billed for all charges, either directly or through your charge card and agree to pay all bills within thirty days and not to stop or reverse any payment without our permission.

(Liability and Remedies) Our liability is only for direct damages and not for consequential, indirect or other special damages such as lost profits Your only remedy is to have us to fix the problem or refund to you an amount not to exceed what you paid us for the goods or services in dispute. If you have a License Agreement or Services Agreement with us, these are Products or Services under the applicable Agreement and subject to even greater restrictions. These Terms of Use supplement any License Agreement or Services Agreement that you may have with us and do not supplant those Agreements.

(Vendor Information) Our Tax Payer ID Number is 74-2613824.

Data Stored on our Site

In some cases you may store data on our site and we will backup and guard your data at least as well as we backup and guard our own data. However, you should also backup your data at your own site and review it periodically to make sure that it is not corrupted. Note the limitations on our liability in the Credit section, above, and remember that you are the one primarily responsible for your data.


Individuals and businesses that send spam should take notice that Advanced Solutions International regards spam (and junk faxes) as an interference with our business and reserves the right to initiate legal action against spammers and junk faxers. Anyone sending us spam or junk faxes will be responsible for all business and legal costs associated with that spam, including reasonable attorney's fees.

Notice to junk faxers: Sending unsolicited commercial faxes has been illegal under Federal law since 1991 (47 USC § 227.) We have, and will continue to, successfully sue companies and individuals who send us unsolicited commercial faxes. If you send us a junk fax (unsolicited advertisement or promotion) you agree to pay us $500 or $1,500 per fax, in accordance with 47 USC § 227, plus any legal costs we incur.

Notice to spammers: Certain types of spam is prohibited by the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 (Chapter 47 of title 18, United States Code). In such cases, we will notify the State Attorney General as well as the federal authorities and help them to prepare a case against you.

Do we send spam? We do not think so. We only mail to people who have expressed an interest in our products or who are active members of organizations (like a society of association executives) who recommended them to us as likely to be interested in our products. We do not have the time or energy to advertise to the world or solicit leads that are not likely to be productive. If you have received unsolicited e-mail from us that is of no interest to you, please let us know and we will usually take you off of the list we used and try and shield you from future mailings. We comply fully with the CAN-SPAM Act.

Country Notices

Laws in various countries require special notices for information about our operations in those countries. In any case, here is contact information for all of our companies.

Contact Details for ASI (Europe)

Advanced Solutions International (Europe) Limited is a company registered in the United Kingdom (with Companies House) with registration number 05042925 (12 February 2004) and with its registered offices at its Administrative Office location, below. Its UK VAT number is 786 6226 87.  Fisk Brett is a operating division.

It has physical offices at the following locations:
Sales Office:
2 Station Court,
Imperial Wharf,
London SW6 2PY
Phone:+44 (0)2032 670067
Fax: +44 (0)203 397 1067
Email: info-eu@advsol.com
Administration Office
Adur Business Centre
Little High Street
West Sussex, BN43 5EG
Phone: +44 (0)2032 670067
FAX: +44 (0)203 397 1067
Brussels Consulting Office:
226 Avenue Albert
B-1190 Brussels
Phone: 011 322 3458308
Fax: 011 322 3458308

Contact Details for ASI (Asia-Pacific)

Advanced Solutions International (Asia-Pacific) Pty Ltd (ABN 39 060 645 445)
It has physical offices at the following locations:
Main Office:
Level 22
459 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000 
Phone: +613 9869 7500
Free Phone: 1800 240 122
Fax: +613 9629 5919
Free Fax: 1800 100 949
Sydney Office
Level 2
213 Miller Street
North Sydney NSW 2060
Ph: (02) 8913 9200
Fax: (02) 8913 9210
Registered Office (for legal notices):
Rialto Towers, Level 47
525 Collins Street

Contact Details for ASI-Canada

Advanced Solutions International-Canada Inc. is an Ontario Corporation (incorporated on 20 May 2003) with Business Number 889099701 and thus our GST number is 889099701RT0001.

Main Office:
5000 Yonge Street
Suite 1901
Toronto, ON 
M2N 7E9
Phone: 800.727.8682
Fax: 416.628.2008

Contact Details for ASI (US)

Advanced Solutions International, Inc. is Texas Corporation, incorporated October 4, 1991 with charter number 1208145-0 and with Federal Tax Payer ID number 74-2613824.

It has physical offices at the following locations:
Sales Headquarters:
901 N. Pitt Street, Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314
Phone: 703.739.3100
Fax: 703.739.3218
Center for Technical Excellence:
Stonelake Building 1
4030 West Braker Lane, Suite 175
Austin, TX 78759

Phone: 512.491.0550
Fax: 512.491.6298

OnLine Privacy Policy

By using this site, you agree to the terms of this Online Privacy Policy (including all links) and of our Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site. We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other web sites to which we may link.

Personal Information

In general, you can visit the public areas of our site without telling us who you are or revealing any personal information about yourself. You may request more information be sent to you and, in that case, we will ask you to provide contact information, which may include your name, company, mailing address, e-mail address or other personally identifying information.

When you submit personal information to us, you understand and agree that we and our affiliates may access, store, and use your customer profile in any of the countries in which we and our affiliates maintain offices, including without limitation the United States.

Some areas of our site require a password and you have to identify yourself to apply for the password. We should already have information about you and will update that information and record your password.

If you submit information about problems or send us questions or comments, we will often share them with your Solution Provider.

This site is not designed to be of interest to children and we do not knowingly collect, keep or use any information provided by or relating to minors.

We take reasonable steps to preserve the confidentiality of your personal information as required by the Australian National Privacy Principals and by Ontario law.


We consider the contact information that you give us to be some of the most important information that we have and take active steps to keep it confidential. We would appreciate your updating your contact information if it changes by resigning our guest book and telling us in the comment box what you are updating.

If you submit information about problems or send us questions or comments, we will often share that information with your Solution Provider. If you call us with problems, questions or comments, we sometimes monitor (listen to or record) the conversations for quality assurance reasons. By using this web site, you agree to this monitoring.

If you store data on our web site, there are special terms relating just to that information.

We take reasonable steps as required by the Australian Privacy Policies to secure your personal information, including using Secured Sockets Layer protocol to secure your charge card data.

Secure Socket Layer

Netscape developed a protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer), as a secure protocol that provides means for authentication and private communications. It is now widely used to provide secure communications of credit card and other information.

To find out if your transaction is guarded by SSL, look for the picture of the unbroken key or closed lock in your browser window (both the Netscape Navigator/Communicator and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers use SSL). Either indicator means SSL is hard at work. (If you don't see either one, or if you see a broken key or an open lock, that means SSL is not protecting your transaction.)

The easy way you can tell if SSL is guarding your transaction is to check the URL of the site you are visiting. It should change from "http" to "https" when processing secure transactions.


We collect information about you for a variety of reasons, including to sell our products and services to you. We may selectively provide certain information to other companies or organizations whose products or services we think may interest you and that are related in some way to ours. We will often notify a local Solution Provider who resells our products about your interest and ask it to contact you to provide more information about how our products can help solve your unique needs and what capabilities the Solution Provider can provide locally. By giving us your telephone number, your facsimile number or your e-mail address, you give us expressed permission to use that information to contact you, either directly or through a local Solution Provider.

We do not sell our mailing lists to spammers. If you want to be removed from our database, please let us know by e-mail. If we obtained the contact information solely from your providing it through this web site, we will delete it, but if you were already in our database, we may or may not remove it.


We sometimes use "cookies" to track your visit to and through the site. A cookie, which is small amount of data that is transferred to your browser by our web server and that only has meaning to us, functions as your identification card, pointing us to where we may keep a copy of your ASI passwords and previous access. It cannot be executed as code or deliver viruses. We use it mainly to keep track of items in your shopping cart. This information does not identify you personally and you remain anonymous unless you have otherwise provided us with personal information.

Most browsers are initially set to accept cookies. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, giving you the chance to decide whether or not to accept it.


If you use our forums or post a message in a public place, you are giving implied consent for anyone to read, copy, and republish your message or any part of it. Note that forums include blogs, wiki's, books, polls and projects found on imiscommunity.com.

When you join a forum, your e-mail address is available to other forum members and anyone can use it to write to you or to add it to their own mailing list. Forums also contain statistics and other information on your use of the forum and these are usually available to all forum members.

We exercise no control over the use of any of this information.


We sometimes conduct surveys for our own use. We will not reveal your answers to survey questions to third parties unless you have given us your consent except we may tell your iMIS Solution Provider about your problems so it can try and fix them. We can use the information in the survey any way we like as long as we do not identify you as the person giving a particular answer.

We sometimes conduct surveys for other organizations and the data belongs to them. We do not control (or usually see) the message that you receive nor the content of the survey. You have to decide if you want to answer the questions. The data for third party surveys flows through our site and, if it is held by us, it is held in confidence and we secure it the same way we secure our own data. However, once the third party downloads the data, their privacy policies will determine how it is used.


These Terms of Use (including our Privacy Policy) apply to all ASI sites including the following:
  • www.imis.com and www.advsol.com [our main sites]
  • www.asicanada.com and www.asieurope,com and advsol.com.au [country sites inside advsol.com]
  • www.ibefcommunity.com [a site for executives of users to develop strategy and guidance for their teams]
  • www.imiscommunity.com [a site for developers]
  • www.donman.net.au [our Australian fundraising and small user division]
  • www.incomemanager.com [our Canadian fundraising and small user division]
  • www.fiskbrett.co.uk [our Europe fundraising and small user division]
  • www.progresscrm.eu [a CRM product sold in Europe]
  • www.spacemaster.com [advertising management software]
  • www.golightly.com [providing online community collaboration tools]
  • http://partnerspace.imis.com [our iMIS based small user product]
  • http://docs.imis.com [complete, open documentation of iMIS]

Please direct questions or comments to the ASI Law Department