We've broken this year's educational sessions into 4 tracks. Learn more about the courses available in each track 2021 iNNOVATIONS LIVE below*.

*Sessions & presenters are subject to change.

Plenary Sessions

Take Flight: Opening Session
Presented by: Bob Alves - ASI
Join us as we kick off iNNOVATIONS LIVE with an update from Bob Alves, ASI Chairman and CEO.

Soaring High: Client & Partner Recognition
Presented by: Raphael Badagliacca, Nathan Slovin, & David Riffle - ASI
We'll recognize the great things that iMIS clients and partners are achieving with a Panelist discussion and announcement of Partner and Client awards.

Eagle Vision: iMIS and the Future
Presented by: David Riffle, Don Robertson, and Brian Lindsey - ASI
Find out about the newest iMIS features, what's planned for future updates, and learn how to plan your iMIS Cloud migration.

iMIS App Challenge Contest
Presented by: Edward Wendling - ASI
Watch select contestants demo their cloud-friendly iMIS Apps. Live voting commences during this session.

iMIS App Challenge Awards & Developers Forum
Presented by: Edward Wendling, Brian Lindsey, Michael Weatherton, Cesar Espino, Daniel Gills, Alex Wells, Molly Verduzco, & Jeff Spring - ASI,
First, we'll recognize the iMIS App Challenge award winners. Make sure to bring your questions and feedback to this collaborative roundtable session where all developers of iMIS can share ideas, tips, and best practices. This forum will be facilitated with the focus on interactive discussion and participation by all attendees.


Product Education Sessions

iMIS Product Update
Presented by: Brian Lindsey - ASI
Discover what has been added and enhanced in iMIS Cloud Enterprise and Professional over the past year with demonstrations and discussions on a wide range of features.

Personalized Experiences to Add Value and Grow Revenue: Personalized Pricing, Dynamic Groups, Process Automation and Member Portals
Presented by: Michelle Lelempsis - Causeis
Take your members experience to new heights by focusing on personalization. In this session learn how you can tailor your Members Journey through a personalised experience to add value and grow revenue from iMIS. Personalised experiences can provide your organization with competitive leverage to improve your overall performance. With real world examples and iMIS we will explore how to use the full breadth of functionality to maximise your engagement, experience and ultimately growth. Discover how to tap into the iMIS Marketing, Process Automation, Events, Pricing Groups, and Promotion Codes to focus on personalized experiences.

Make Your Website Inclusive and Accessible to All
Presented by: Marie-Eve Caron - ASI
Discover how inclusive website design can expand your market reach and benefit all users without hindering your creativity. This introduction to web accessibility will give you the tools needed to make your beautiful RiSE website WCAG AA compliant through real-life examples and working solutions.

Cloud Friendly Application Development Round Table
Presented by: Jeff Spring - ASI, Bob Lane & Nassir Althamary - Lane Services, Randy Richter - Association Technology Services, James Harrison - Visual Antidote
For developers, transitioning to the Cloud means transitioning to Cloud Friendly application development. Hear from three iMIS partners who have embraced the shift and are developing RiSE Applications using the Cloud Friendly API and Client-side development approaches.

Master the Business of Selling Space
Presented by: Raphael Badagliacca & Brian Lindsey - ASI, Chinar Desai - Outlier Inc
All kinds of space - print ads in your journal, banner ads on your website, billboards, list rental, sponsored videos and sponsorships of all kinds, trade show booths at your live and virtual conferences, media of any kind, including whatever kinds of virtual media the future may bring.  All from within the core iMIS product.  Don’t miss this webinar.  Your revenue depends on it. 


Performance Improvement Sessions

Common Operational Roadblocks to Continuous Performance Improvement
Presented by: Martin Parsons, Troy Stenback, & Jason Rowe - ASI
In this session ASI Senior Performance Improvement Specialists will share their findings on the common operational roadblocks clients face. See how hundreds of iMIS customers have responded to us through the results of our Operational Assessment Survey and reflect on the challenges faced in your organization.

iMIS Best Practices
Presented by: Martin Parsons & Jason Rowe - ASI
While some best practices have not changed in iMIS cloud some have so join us where we will cover both new best practices for iMIS cloud and general good practices in iMIS so that you are maximizing the use of your iMIS system.

iMIS Tips & Tricks
Presented by: James Church - ASI
Learn some easy techniques to give your users what they need to be productive. We'll focus on Staff Site tips including tailored Dashboards, Specific profiles for members, Starter Packs and more. Come see what we use to wow prospects and clients when we demonstrate iMIS Cloud.

Evaluating Your Organizational Maturity with iMIS (Part 1)
Presented by: Troy Stenback & Jason Rowe - ASI
In this session we will explore the Organizational Maturity model and discuss what organizations at each level of maturity look like. Participate in our Organizational Maturity questionnaire and evaluate your own organization.

Evaluating Your Organizational Maturity with iMIS (Part 2)
Presented by: Troy Stenback & Jason Rowe - ASI
In part 2 of this session on Organizational Maturity we examine the results of Organizational Maturity questionnaire using examples from the field. Based on your assessment of your organization, how do we work to move ourselves up the maturity scale? Based on ASI Client Success experience with the Performance Improvement Advisory Service.


Cloud Migration Sessions

iMIS Cloud Readiness
Presented by: Martin Parsons - ASI
In this session we will discuss how you can assess your organisation's readiness and prepare your move to iMIS Cloud Enterprise. From where you are now, the resources available to plan the transition and how to think differently in the cloud.

Best Practices for a Successful Cloud Migration
Presented by: Nathan Slovin, Troy Stenback, Kasidy Hayes, & Michelle Balagia - ASI
Cloud migration is critical for achieving real-time, improved performance and efficiency; the process requires careful business analysis, planning, and execution, as well as a clear team vision that will help you prepare for a successful cloud migration. Join your peers and iMIS cloud migration specialists who have orchestrated the transition to iMIS Cloud as they share their challenges, lessons learned, and successes.

Evaluating Your Business Processes to Align with Cloud Readiness
Presented by: Ian Wann & Kristina Haley - ASI
Learn how to identify complexities including the hard ones that are hurdles in cloud migrations. View examples of lifting and shifting customizations to solutions built with out of the box (OOTB) RiSE tools and partner Clouds.

Planning Your Cloud Migration – A Layered Approach to the Cloud
Presented by: Ian Wann & Kristina Haley - ASI
Is your system ready to move to iMIS Cloud? Join us to explore how to plan your approach to transition into iMIS Cloud.

Make Your Life Easier with iMIS Cloud Accounting and Pay Central
Presented by: Jane Cleary & Marty Rabenovets - ASI
In this session, learn the many ways iMIS Cloud will improve processes related to financial accounting, billing, reporting, payment processing, adjustments, receipting, and reconciliation.


Extending iMIS Sessions

iMIS Inspire powered by OpenWater
Presented by: Kunal Johar - OpenWater
Join us to learn about iMIS Inspire powered by OpenWater, offering a full stack of products for the acceptance and review of submissions and for virtual conferences. You can administer award programs, accreditations, abstract submissions, grants, scholarships, and more with ease. Plus, provide your event attendees with an intuitive and engaging virtual conference experience.

iMIS Mobile powered by Clowder
Presented by: Edward Wendling - ASI
Is mobile on your radar for 2021? With Millennials/Gen-Z now making up 50%+ of the workforce and the mobile percentage of web traffic exceeding 50%, now is the time to go mobile! Join us to learn how a true year-round, multi-purpose app can provide a new line of member communication, help you recruit and engage younger members, boost your member renewal rates, replace one-time use event apps, and drive ad and sponsorship revenue.

Higher Logic for iMIS
Presented by: Ryan Casey & Beth Arritt - Higher Logic
Find out what's new with Higher Logic for iMIS. Get the latest on update cloud-friendly integrations for online communities and email marketing (Informz & Real Magnet). Learn how you can deliver tailored, relevant messages to your members throughout their journey with your association with Higher Logic for iMIS.

TopClass for iMIS
Presented by: Mike Bourassa & Michelle Brien - WBT
Learn how the award winning TopClass LMS brings a personalized learning experience for sophisticated education and certification programs to iMIS. TopClass LMS is configurable to meet the unique workflow needs of your organization, while providing a comprehensive selection of education and certification management features to maximize the revenue of your educational programs.

iDMS (& Other Cloud-Friendly Solutions) by CSI
Presented by: Doug Morris - CSI
Whether you’re developing your iMIS Cloud Strategy, trying to eliminate custom stored procedures and/or bulk updates, or are simply looking for better ways to maintain your iMIS data integrity, CSI’s iMIS Data Management Suite can help. Learn how you can import data, update data, and even schedule your jobs to run off hours or on a recurring basis.