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With the Performance Improvement Advisory Service (PIAS) you can transform your organization into one that improves every year. Our premium services focus on maximizing your use of iMIS Engagement Management System (EMS) with ongoing analysis and advice on your operational effectiveness and overall use of your iMIS system.

The iMIS Advisory Service

Available Packages:

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Executive Workshops

Workshop Only

Test drive the PIAS service by completing an operational self-assessment with your executive team. This assessment identifies gaps and reveal opportunities to help you get more value from your iMIS system and better support your top business and organizational goals.




Fully analyze your organization’s performance, operations, and team skills with self-assessments, workshops, and a Best Practice Review to build your roadmap for success. Your dedicated Performance Improvement Specialist will help to move you through the performance improvement process monthly touchpoints and quarterly review meetings to keep your organization on track for improvement.

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Houston Apartment Association

"The Performance Improvement Advisory Service helped us move to the latest version of iMIS"


Amnesty International

"For years we were simply existing in a state of 'maintaining' and not embracing the new features and full functionality offered by iMIS. ASI staff prepared an in depth technical audit and a performance improvement roadmap. These two reports provided our organization with a full visual and full impact to gain ground with our leadership team.

We have a roadmap, and ASI is holding us accountable and checking in at regular intervals. These check-ins are the key!"


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Our iMIS Performance Improvement Advisory Service is just the start, take look at other services available through the iMIS Client Success Suite and you can earn credit towards your next iMIS Software Update Plan (SUP) or Subscription payment. Learn more about the iMIS EMS Client Success Suite.

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