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Learn about the features and benefits of iMIS for associations and non-profits of all types and sizes in a 4-minute tour.

View a 4-Minute Tour of iMIS Membership and Fundraising Database Software

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Begin DateStart TimeEvent TitleRegionLocationEvent TypeRegister
Oct 1811:00 amAsia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC101817AP
Oct 182:00 pmNorth AmericaWebcastWebcastWC101817
Oct 182:00 pmAsia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC101817A
Oct 192:00 pmNorth AmericaWebcastWebcastWC101917
Oct 2510:00 amEuropeWebcastWebcastWC102517E
Oct 2610:00 amEuropeWebcastWebcastWC102617EU
Nov 1510:00 amNorth AmericaWebcastWebcastWC111517
Nov 1510:00 amEuropeWebcastWebcastWC111517EU
Nov 152:00 pmAsia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC111517A
Nov 1610:00 amEuropeWebcastWebcastWC111617EU
Nov 1611:00 amAsia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC111517AP
Nov 162:00 pmNorth AmericaWebcastWebcastWC111617
Dec 1311:00 amAsia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC121317AP
Dec 132:00 pmAsia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC121317A

*All times shown are local.