Product Tours

iMIS Quick Tour

Learn about the features and benefits of iMIS for associations and non-profits of all types and sizes in a 4-minute tour.

View a 4-Minute Tour of iMIS Membership and Fundraising Database Software

iMIS Overview Tours

View a Demo of iMIS 100/200 Membership and Association Database Software for Small Membership Organizations

iMIS 20-100/200 for Membership

Learn about iMIS 20-100/200 for smaller/mid-sized associations and membership organizations in a 30-minute overview.

View a Demo of iMIS 100/200 Fundraising and Non-Profit Database Software for Small Non-Profits

iMIS 20-100/200 for Fundraising

Learn about iMIS 20-100/200 for smaller/mid-sized charities and non-profits in a 30-minute overview.

View a Demo of iMIS 300 Membership and Fundraising Enterprise Database Software

iMIS 20-300

Learn how iMIS 20-300 can meet the unique demands of mid-sized/larger associations or non-profits.


iMIS Feature Tours

Q4 2015 Release Webcast

Q4 2015 Release

Extend iMIS with a responsive staff admin site, additional automation features, dashboard advances, and more.

Process Automation Webcast

Process Automation

Automate time-consuming manual tasks, set up alerts/notifications, and much more.

Email Webcast

Email Marketing

Engage your constituents with personalized, automated, and integrated email campaigns.

Certification Webcast


Manage multiple certification, licensing, and/or accreditation processes.

Auto-Pay Webcast


Establish automatic renewals of membership fees and recurring donations.

Committees Webcast


Empower members and donors to connect, communicate, and collaborate online.

Website and CMS Webcast

Website Management

Manage your entire web presence or integrate to your existing web Content Management System (CMS).

Cloud Services Webcast

Cloud Services

Latest technology & state-of-the-art security - saving IT staff time and reducing expenses

Crowdfunding Webcast


Online donations, peer- to-peer fundraising, & more.

Advertising Management Webcast

Advertising Management

Manage advertising opportunities from sales through insertion.