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iNNOVATIONS Conference

iNNOVATIONS Conference

iNNOVATIONS is ASI's annual iMIS Conference for partners, clients and staff. For more than 20 years, attendees have participated in extensive learning and training sessions on the latest advances in iMIS. At the conference, ASI also announces the winners of its global partner awards, and the coveted Great Things Awards for clients.

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Jul 16Asia-PacificMelbourne VICSeminarME071619CB
Jul 17North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC071719PM
Jul 23Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC072319AP
Jul 24North AmericaPittsburgh PAConferenceAAMSE0719
Jul 24Asia-PacificKingston ACTSeminarCA072419CB
Jul 24North AmericaDublin OHSeminarOH072419
Jul 24North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC072419
Jul 24EuropeWebcastWebcastWC072419EU
Jul 25Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC072519AP
Jul 26North AmericaMinneapolis MNSeminarMN072619
Jul 30North AmericaAlexandria VASeminarVA073019
Jul 30Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC073019AP
Jul 31Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC073119AP
Aug 1Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC080119AP
Aug 10North AmericaColumbus OHConferenceASAE0819
Aug 14North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC081419
Aug 14EuropeWebcastWebcastWC081419EU
Aug 15Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC081519AP
Aug 21North AmericaMadison WISeminarWI082119
Aug 22North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC082219PM
Aug 28North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC082819
Aug 28EuropeWebcastWebcastWC082819EU
Aug 28North AmericaAlexandria VASeminarVA082819
Aug 29Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC082919AP
Sep 4Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC090419AP
Sep 10EuropeBelgravia, London SeminarEU091019
Sep 10North AmericaNew York NYSeminarNY091019
Sep 11Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC091119AP
Sep 11North AmericaCary NCSeminarNC091119
Sep 12EuropeWebcastWebcastWC091219EU
Sep 12North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC091219
Sep 16Asia-PacificNapier NZNConferenceNZ091619
Sep 18Asia-PacificAdelaide SAConferenceAD091819
Sep 18North AmericaMinneapolis MNConferenceCLEAR0919
Sep 19North AmericaWashington DCSeminarDC091919
Sep 24North AmericaWashington DCSeminarDC092419
Sep 25Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC092519AP
Sep 25North AmericaEdmonton ABSeminarCN092519
Sep 25North AmericaWashington DCSeminarDC092519
Sep 27North AmericaVancouver BCSeminarCN092719
Oct 2North AmericaToronto ONSeminarCN100219
Oct 9Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC100919AP
Oct 10EuropeWebcastWebcastWC101019EU
Oct 10North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC101019
Oct 14North AmericaBaltimore MDConferenceNIUG1019
Oct 23North AmericaVancouver BCConferenceCSAE1019
Oct 23EuropeWestminster, London SeminarEU102319
Oct 31EuropeLondon ConferenceDIGEX1019
Oct 31Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC103119AP
Nov 13Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC111319AP
Nov 14North AmericaOttawa ONSeminarCN111419
Nov 14EuropeWebcastWebcastWC111419EU
Nov 14North AmericaWashington DCSeminarDC111419
Nov 14North AmericaWebcastWebcastWC111419
Nov 14Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC111419AP
Nov 18North AmericaNational Harbor MDConferenceHLSF1119
Dec 3North AmericaWashington DCConferenceASAE1219
Dec 11Asia-PacificWebcastWebcastWC121119AP
Dec 12North AmericaAlexandria VASeminarVA121219
Dec 12EuropeWebcastWebcastWC121219EU