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Not-for-Profit Executive Guide: Going Social

Not-for-Profit Executive Guide: Going Social

How Leading Non-Profits are Moving Beyond Facebook with Private Social Networks

Your organisation tweets regularly to a large and loyal following and you've got a great Facebook page with a lot of friends. But, do you have any control over what's shared with the rest of the world on these public sites? It's important to be open – but it's also important to safeguard your organisation's greatest assets: your intellectual property, proprietary resources and constituent lists/data.

On average, people are spending more time on social networking sites (4.6 hours/week) than on email (4.4 hours/week).

By creating a private online community through your website, you can both protect your organisation's assets and provide an exclusive benefit available only to your members/donors. With your own online community, you can track preferences, understand your constituents' attitudes, provide a safe, secure place for people to express their thoughts and ideas, reward active members for their participation (and therefore motivate others), and gather valuable feedback. These private social networks provide a goldmine of information that will help you tailor everything from website content to event agendas to fundraising programs. You can use all of this to help ensure constituent retention – and protect your valuable proprietary resources.

Get our whitepaper: "Going Social: How Leading Non-Profits are Moving Beyond Facebook with Private Social Networks" to find out how your organisation can use a private social network to:

  • Keep constituents better connected with each other and your organisation in a trusted, private setting
  • Build a knowledge base that only your constituents can use to access and share resources on-demand (a value-add for your members/donors)
  • Ensure constituent lists, intellectual property and proprietary resources are protected
  • Vet new ideas and get real-time responses
  • Track and integrate feedback with your constituent database to better tailor event agendas, programs, fundraising initiatives, and more

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