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The Definitive Guide to Member Engagement Software

2017 Global Benchmark Report on Membership Performance

Read the latest results on New Member Acquisition, Retention, and Engagement Trends

ASI's 3rd annual worldwide survey findings reveal how your association peers are optimizing new member acquisitions, retention, engagement scoring, staff efficiency, revenue growth, and continuous performance improvement.

In this latest report, you'll learn the answers to several key questions:

  • Retention: Overall retention rates changed by 11% from 2016 to 2017 — did they go up or down and why?

  • Winning Strategy: Organizations that used this one strategy saw greater renewals, event attendance, website traffic and revenue growth — what is it?

  • Goals and Challenges: What are the key priorities of association executives and are they making progress towards them?

  • Management Systems: How do the latest options on the market help you lower your risk of investing in the wrong system?

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