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Not-for-Profit Executive Guide: Data Security Best Practices and Strategies

Not-for-Profit Executive Guide: Data Security Best Practices & Strategies

The latest tips to mitigate your risk and protect your organization

In this whitepaper, you'll learn the latest advice to protect your member/donor data AND safeguard your organization's reputation.

If a data security breach occurs, some not-for-profit professionals think:

  • I'll get safe harbor (not always — see page 11)
  • Corporate insurance will cover the cost (rarely — see page 5)
  • Only credit card data is stolen (that could be the least of your worries — see page 9)
  • I outsource my processing so it's the vendor's responsibility (you can never outsource liability — see page 11)

Read the whitepaper to learn about these and other dangerous myths, the specific threats non-profits face, and the top 12 data security best practices you can use to protect your organization

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