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2015 Global Benchmark Report: Fundraising Performance

2015 Global Benchmark Report: Fundraising Performance

All the Latest Trends to Keep Your Not-for-Profit in the Know and Ahead of the Curve

In this fascinating report from ASI, you'll see the results of a worldwide survey of 326 fundraising executives regarding today's most pressing issues: engagement, retention, mobile, reporting/measurement, and more.

The 2015 Global Benchmark Report on Fundraising Performance will show you what your peers are revealing about:

  • Challenges/Priorities: What's most pressing and what's falling by the wayside?

  • Engagement/Retention: Is this growing, declining or stagnant? How many executives don't even know?

  • Management Systems: Which are meeting donor/staff demands and which are failing?

  • Mobile/Websites: Are organizations taking advantage of options or missing the boat completely?

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