Client Success with iMIS

Texas Automobile Dealers Association

Texas Automobile Dealers Association Success with iMIS Membership Software

The Texas Automobile Dealers Association (TADA) supports the principles of ethical business practices and commercial integrity for those engaged in the retail distribution and sale of new automobiles and trucks. TADA represents more than 1,400 franchised automobile dealerships in nearly 300 communities throughout the state, and advocates on behalf of members before the Texas Legislature and regulatory agencies. The organization offers members business best practices, educational training programs, legal support, and an annual conference.

We’ve been long-time iMIS clients but over the years we have reviewed the newer member management systems that have come along. They say they have all these new features. But when you look at the price and what you are getting, they cannot compete with the quality and pricing of iMIS.


Before iMIS, TADA had no integration between member services, advocacy, events, and their website. Data was either kept in silos or recorded manually on index cards — including member information and dues payments. This made it difficult for the staff to properly support the members. The website was not user-friendly, which made it challenging for members to find the information they needed. The lack of a centralized membership system impacted the entire organization.


With iMIS, TADA was able to create one central location for all their member data and integrate it with their website. Staff had the data they needed at their fingertips and could track membership changes with ease. They built a powerful and attractive RiSE website with valuable tools and resources, including password-protected members-only content. TADA also began using iMIS for fundraising and to manage their events.


Now, TADA has everything in one place and is maintaining a 90% industry membership despite the rapid pace of change in car dealer ownership. Over time, TADA was able to reduce its staff size due to the greater efficiencies it created with the help of iMIS — they found they were able to accomplish more with less effort.