Client Success with iMIS

Professional Association of Managing Agents

- Winner of an iMIS Great Things Award -

Professional Association of Managing Agents with iMIS Regulatory Software

PAMA is a non-profit organization founded in 1970 to promote professional and ethical residential property management. Members recognize responsibilities to their investors, clients and to the community in general, when performing their duties in the management of residential rental properties, strata titled properties and any other properties under their jurisdiction.


Working with the ASI Cloud Migration team, PAMA jumps from iMIS Desktop to iMIS EMS in the cloud. PAMA cited cost savings when they shifted the technology maintenance from staff and solution provider to ASI cloud services. Most notably, PAMA transitioned their staff from exclusively using the iMIS Desktop for membership and accounting to fully managing their member and accounting needs in the iMIS Staff site. The PAMA team was committed to their transition and worked hard with the cloud migration team. Their success in the cloud is a result of that commitment!