Client Success with iMIS


NetVu Success with iMIS Membership Software

The Network of Vertafore Users (NetVU) has been an iMIS client since 1996. Vertafore delivers technical solutions to the insurance sector and, as an independent national membership organization, NetVU provides industry advocacy, world-class education and networking opportunities for the Vertafore community. NetVU serves more than 30,000 insurance agencies, carriers, managing general agents (MGAs), compliance organizations and the 500,000+ Vertafore users.

iMIS dashboards have allowed us to really focus in on areas rather than take a shotgun approach. The data shows us where members are engaged and — more importantly — where they’re not engaged so we can adjust our efforts.



With the importance of member engagement growing over the years, the organization wanted to enhance its ability to more closely track how members engaged — through events, webinars, volunteering, opened emails, and other participation. NetVU also wanted to make it easier for members to engage, particularly by offering more information and tools through its website. And, the organization wanted to put real-time member information in the hands of its staff to increase the relevance of the services they recommended.


The executive team firmly believed in the tremendous power of understanding data, so they began using iMIS as the nucleus for everything the organization did. NetVU developed communication templates to ensure consistent messaging that was based on member types. Member profile pages were updated so staff could quickly access all information on a member’s engagement level in one place. With iMIS, NetVU was able to automate many of its processes and create dashboards with meaningful metrics.


NetVU now has dashboards tracking 20 different metrics on its members but focuses on the top 5. This gives staff incredible visibility into member behavior and helps them reach the right people with the right message. NetVU can now craft an engagement journey based on the member’s role within the organization, the size of the organization, and other factors. With a better understanding of its members, NetVU saw a 53% jump in engagement in just one year.