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Multilaw is successful with iMIS Membership Software

Working globally means crossing not only geographical borders, but legal, linguistic and cultural borders, too. For clients in an ever-more complex business world, a leap of faith is not enough: they need referrals they trust. Multilaw’s network of independent law firms is bound together by a shared belief: the deeper the relationships between members, the better they serve clients' needs. It's a belief that rings true now more than ever. Strengthened through years of collaboration, the trust that flows between each of their members adds true credibility to every referral they make. So when clients seek out new global opportunities, they do so with confidence.

Working and engaging with Zentso we learned that anything was possible with RiSE due to its flexibility. The result was a fresh, modern design and easy navigation helping showcase our members to the world, as well as a seamless experience for our members to use when logged in enabling them to interact with one another with ease.


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