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Michigan Bankers Association

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Michigan Bankers Association with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Founded in 1887, the Michigan Bankers Association (MBA) is a trade association of Michigan financial institutions which currently includes more than 2,300 branches located throughout the state with combined assets of over $150 billion. The MBA mission is to advocate for and support the banking industry. Our main areas of focus include: Advocacy in Lansing and Washington DC, the MBA acts as the official representative of member banks in matters of state legislation, provides seminars, conferences, banking schools and an annual convention, provides educational programs, as well as offering various products and services.

The website is user friendly and better yet mobile friendly. Before our RiSE site, the MBA was on the oldest version of Joomla. The site did not integrate with iMIS. Since replacing the Joomla site with a RiSE site it’s responsiveness has improved members and prospective member's ability to access the site using any device, it’s easier to update the site and design it. That is what makes it great. Our members have stated that it is super easy to register for events as well.


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