Client Success with iMIS

Law Society of South Australia

Law Society of South Australia has Success with iMIS Membership Software

The Law Society of South Australia (“the Society”) was created in 1879, and is a governing body providing professional services, resources, support and benefits to its members and the legal profession in general. It undertakes community education concerning the law and the legal profession and engages in activities designed to improve access to justice.

Every aspect of the business has been streamlined because of iMIS and this is ongoing. New processes can be easily enabled without needing to reinvest in other systems. iMIS has had a massive impact on our organisation.



The Society previously used an outdated CRM that required significant customisation and complex integration with multiple, disparate systems. The organisation used Excel/Access to manage the audit process of trust accounts for law firms and had a full-time employee dedicated to manually managing inspection schedules and rosters. The lack of a centralised system prevented the organisation from effectively managing the high volume of transactions associated with its membership and also hindered the Society’s ability to improve service, grow and adapt as needs changed.


With iMIS, the Society was able to manage all its core memberships, renewals, annual practice certificates, marketing and communicants, and reporting needs. Using the RiSE platform, the Society built a highly personalised and responsive website that Members appreciated. Processes were streamlined and automated, thereby increasing staff efficiency. With iMIS, the organisation created a highly secure environment that required no customisation. This meant it could easily make changes and updates in-house, without expensive developers — which not only kept costs down, but empowered performance improvement seamlessly across the entire organisation.


Streamlined processes and improved self-service capabilities are making members’ lives easier and reducing their regulatory burden. Staff have access to instant reporting using real time data from across the Society, which has increased productivity, saved money, and enhanced transparency for the governing body. The annual practicing certificate renewal process time has been slashed from three months to just under two weeks now. As a result, staff are freed up to focus more time on driving member satisfaction as well as addressing compliance within the legal profession, and to be able to identify issues sooner.