Client Success with iMIS


Kellen Company Success with iMIS Membership Software

Kellen is a global association management and communications company born to help build stronger non-profit organizations, so they can make the greatest impact.

iMIS gives our associations the ability to give their members a seamless online experience with eCommerce, to track engagement, and manage their website all in one. We manage all types of associations from Trade to Professional and we've found that most of their business rules can be configured within iMIS. We've started a concept we call the "Executive Portal" portal which is made available to the Board of Directors and selected Executives to provide up to the minute information at a glance. Making this portal available to Board members saves staff time because they do not have to run reports which are outdated the moment they’re printed. It also provides the Board with up to the minute information all without using up an iMIS seat license.