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Headquartered in Singapore with chapters in six other countries, the International Feng Shui Association (IFSA) was enacted in 2004 to spearhead the global cultivation, awareness, and appreciation of Feng Shui. IFSA provides a channel for the exchange of ideas and best practices among Feng Shui academics, experts, and practitioners to foster the highest professional standards. The organization publishes original studies and papers, hosts events, and enhances the worldwide acceptance and credibility of Feng Shui.

Our members are now able to edit their information directly online. Updating the website has become instantaneous for us, and the collection of fees has become fuss-free as well.



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Initially, IFSA was able to manage its membership records manually using Excel worksheets. But, as the membership began to grow at a faster pace, the organization began to feel the burden of processing the large volume of data. IFSA’s website was managed by a third-party vendor and any updates had to go through them, resulting in delays. The IFSA website also did not allow members to pay their membership fees online.


The new cloud-based iMIS system helped IFSA streamline many of its internal processes to improve organizational performance and efficiency. IFSA created a new, highly accessible website using the powerful RiSE web development tools that empowered staff to quickly make updates to web content and resources whenever and wherever they needed. The new iMIS website also included the functionality to process member joins and renewals online.


IFSA’s award winning website now allows members to access timely best-practice guidance and resources from anywhere at any time. Staff no longer spend time on manual processes and the organization is easily able to manage its impressive growth. Members enjoy the flexibility and the ability to perform tasks online — including membership fee payments — quickly and easily.