Client Success with iMIS

Florida League of Cities

- Winner of an iMIS Great Things Award -

Florida League of Cities Success with iMIS Membership Software

Founded in 1922, the Florida League of Cities represents more than 400 cities, towns and villages in the state providing members with tailored advocacy tools and training programs specifically designed for municipal officials. It also serves as administrator for the Florida Municipal Insurance Trust, offers a comprehensive package of innovative financial solutions, and provides contractual support services to several statewide municipal and professional associations.

The greatest asset the League has provided our staff is each other and we’ve made ourselves into a tightly knit taskforce of professionals who strive to improve at each stage of our development. iMIS helps us leverage this asset by providing the training, self-service options and communication tools that enable us to perform better as a team to serve our members.


FLC maintains an extraordinarily complex environment that includes multiple professional associations with differing needs and numerous websites to manage. Staff was saddled with time-consuming tasks and had limited visibility into the member data. Information was in data silos, which made reporting difficult and left leadership without the accurate information they needed. Nearly all reporting and web development had to go through IT, which frequently created a bottleneck of delayed requests. Leadership recognized an imperative need for a solution that would modernize and expedite the team's efforts.


Using iMIS, the League now manages membership records, events, product sales and dues for itself as well as nine professional associations from one system. It manages 19 websites of varying types and purposes, including member portals, targeted education offerings, certification programs, event microsites, and all-in-one dedicated association websites. Robust web-based self-service options are instantly accessible to members, thereby improving the customer experience, while staff are now empowered to retrieve, audit, publish and distribute membership data themselves as a result of convenient online iMIS training.


Its innovative approaches to dashboards, training, and process automation have helped the League's staff to optimally serve its members, achieving a remarkable 98% retention rate. The organization has also earned a solid reputation as a best-practices example to other state leagues. Staff appreciate the iMIS tools and functionality that help them maintain data accuracy while saving time and effort. The League’s leadership appreciates the real-time delivery of concise information provided by iMIS that helps them craft policy and take appropriate action on behalf of the organization.