Client Success with iMIS

Christian Schools Australia

- Winner of an iMIS Great Things Award -

- Winner of an iMIS Great Things Award - iMIS Website -

Christian Schools Australia is successful with iMIS Membership Software

Christian Schools Australia (CSA) is a national association providing support for the delivery of Christ centered educational excellence within Christian Schools. Established in 2002, CSA is committed to advancing the Kingdom of God by advocating, supporting and resourcing Christian schools, and their wider school communities. CSA supports and serves member schools directly and through extensive professional, development and networks. CSA provides professional services, bespoke resources, direct assistance, information and advice to its members. They are a voice for Christian schools, advocating for their needs in the national and global environment.

We were acutely aware that our membership required a more contemporary technology platform that will provide an exceptional user experience brought overall goals of bringing our CRM with our website; RiSE and iMIS met both our budget and development requirements and achieving our goal of connecting our CRM and a new website all together. Part of our digital transformation was to have iMIS become our single source of truth, a system that is accessible with a responsive design so that all members can access the system using all devices and platforms.


Our former Wordpress website was outdated and a more contemporary approach that focused on our members user experience and user functionality was needed. In 2021 CSA launched a brand new iMIS website for members. This new website is part of a digital strategy incorporating a customer relationship management system, digital channels, and on-line community as well as a digital repository and library of resources.


iMIS EMS Implemented and Website Designed by Causeis