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Cathedral Music Trust

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Cathedral Music Trust Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Since its launch in 1956, Cathedral Music Trust has been a voice for cathedral music, upholding this integral part of the nation’s cultural heritage by campaigning on behalf of cathedral music and musicians, supporting cathedral choirs and choristers in need, and encouraging the pursuit of excellence in choral and organ music.

The formation of the Trust was made possible through the remarkable work of Friends of Cathedral Music (FCM) which has to Anglican and Roman Catholic cathedrals, church and collegiate chapel choirs in the UK and overseas, including more than £2 million in the past six years alone. It has also endowed places for choristers and strived to maintain the glorious cathedral tradition of choral worship.

Our new RiSE site has helped us Reach new audiences, Interact with our supporters, Save staff time, and Engage with our volunteers. There is still more that RiSE can do for us and we are eager to make the most of all it offers to do everything we can for a cause so close to our hearts.


RiSE website developed by Cathy Dew and the Friends of Cathedral staff