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Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors

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Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Success with iMIS Membership Software

The Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors (CIQS) was founded in 1959 and registered under the Dominion of Canada Act in November 1959. It currently represents over 2,000 national and industry professionals. CIQS works on behalf of its members to promote the profession to the construction industry, its allied professions and government officials. It has developed reciprocal agreements with a variety of industry organizations and is a member of the International Construction Measurements Standards (ICMS).

Our membership application process is complicated and it offers more than one path. The iMIS system and our new iMIS website and iMIS Forms makes it easier for individuals to apply as well as assists the staff in the approval process, onboarding and filing of applications. Analytics from our Email marketing and a member personal profile enables us to tell the story of how well we communicate with our members and enables us to make adjustments to our communications and offerings.



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