Client Success with iMIS

Australian Medical Students’ Association

- Winner of an iMIS Great Things Award - iMIS Website -

Australian Medical Students' Association (AMSA) is the peak representative body of Australia's 17,000 medical students. Its mandate is to connect, inform and represent the emerging health workforce. Through its national advocacy program, the organisation works closely with numerous government agencies and professional organisations. AMSA convenes ten national events each year and produces guides and materials, webinars, training modules and exam materials to reinforce medical student learning across diverse areas of healthcare.

Our new website is extraordinary! The RiSE Web Development Platform was simple to learn and use. It all made sense and it was easy to visualise each page as we created it in real time.




AMSA's website, membership system, and events system were all in separate applications, and many manual processes were necessary to try to synchronise the data. The website needed to be updated and the event system couldn't distinguish between members and non-members. There were many different groups within the organisation, each with its own committees, volunteers, and events. AMSA recognised it needed a single system that could merge all the functionality into one system that was easily accessible to leadership, volunteers, and members.


With iMIS and the RiSE Web Development Platform, AMSA was able to provide information, answer questions, recruit new members, onboard volunteers, and ask for feedback through its new website. AMSA began using iMIS to manage its volunteers, groups, members, and partners. Manual processes were reduced and each of AMSA's groups (committees, the events team, advocacy team, etc.). were able to take control of their own websites/pages to ensure they remained accurate and up-to-date.


iMIS was selected because it enabled AMSA to incorporate everything it does into one system — including membership, events, and especially the website. AMSA's new site is professional, relevant, and fresh. AMSA has increased its calls to action and can now easily use the website to highlight advocacy success, amplify its mission, and showcase the value it provides to members, volunteers, and the community at large.