Client Success with iMIS

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine

The Royal College of Emergency Medicine Success with iMIS Regulatory Software

Established to advance education and research in emergency medicine, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine is responsible for setting standards of training and administering examinations for Members and Fellows. With more than 5,000 Members/Fellows registered internationally, the College ensures high quality care by setting and monitoring care standards, and providing expert guidance/policy advice to relevant bodies regarding emergency medicine.

ASI really understood our requirements. They were probably 100% better than their nearest competitor largely because we had a high need for project management because we didn’t have our own in-house resource. We explained this to all the suppliers but it was only ASI that ‘costed in’ project management.


The Royal College of Emergency Medicine was using an aging legacy membership database and they needed to update the system -- particularly to manage applications and examinations online. They were forced to use spreadsheets across the organisation to track information and needed to bring the data together to provide a single, comprehensive view of the membership. The College also wanted to offer online access for Members/Fellows and to improve their overall efficiency.


The College selected ASI and the iMIS solution after a competitive tender; they framed their system requirements around the outcomes they wanted and iMIS emerged as the clear winner. The College didn’t have a large IT team and needed a supplier that could manage the project as well as implement it; ASI proactively addressed this need. With iMIS, Members began accessing their profiles and conducting other housekeeping matters online. Applications and examinations were also made available online, thereby reducing manual tasks, improving staff productivity, and increasing convenience for Members/Fellows.


Launching the first online examination applications has been a major milestone in the College’s development and the most tangible benefit of the new system. With iMIS, the College has replaced a six-page written application with an online form, thereby saving the equivalent of about 90 hours on just that one exam alone. With the full range of examinations they host, the College estimates they are saving about four months of work per year now in this area. The implementation went smoothly and was on-budget; the membership, events and training teams are now using iMIS and membership engagement is increasing.