Client Success with iMIS

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Rethink Mental Illness’ is the operating name of the National Schizophrenia Fellowship. Rethink Mental Illness changes attitudes and policy by providing expert, accredited advice, services and information to the millions who are affected by mental health problems. The organisation directly supports nearly 60,000 people each year across England; it has more than 200 mental health services and 150 support groups covering psychological therapies, crisis and recovery houses, peer support groups and housing services.

The reduction in administration and overhead costs is significant. We used to spend ages collating all sorts of information manually for our reports but now iMIS is the portal for everything Rethink does. Many routine reports are generated automatically through iMIS and our Board members are astonished at the detail and accuracy of the new analysis.


Rethink Mental Illness needed to find a new system that could manage multiple constituent types and revenue sources. Fundraising is an element of the Charity’s £50m income; most income is received from grants and service contracts from health authorities/local governments to enable the Charity to provide high-quality services. A small but important part of its revenue is generated from around 3,000 members who pay monthly contributions.

The Charity was using multiple systems to manage its various programmes; these data silos made multi-channel marketing impossible and reporting a time-consuming nightmare.


Rethink Mental Illness selected iMIS because it provides one centralised solution for fundraising, membership and service activity management. The organisation has 1,400 live iMIS users in 200 locations across the UK and can now manage most of its critical business data a single database. This allows it to further segment its data for more personalised, targeted fundraising and marketing campaigns.

Staff can access comprehensive, constituent intelligence that helps them make smarter business decisions. And, Rethink Mental Illness is also using iMIS to manage its Member and Donor websites to increase engagement with supporters.


With iMIS, Rethink Mental Illness was able to reduce administrative and overhead costs while also boosting productivity. It consolidated and streamlined its database from 300,000 contacts to 180,000 by removing duplicates and other bad data, thereby cutting expenses wasted on marketing to obsolete contacts. Manual reporting is now a thing of the past; most reporting is automatic and the organisation has impressed its Board with invaluable, in-depth reporting.