Client Success with iMIS

Professional Association Management Specialists Pty Ltd

Professional Association Management Specialists Pty Ltd Success with iMIS Membership Software

Professional Association Management Specialists Pty Ltd (PAMS) specialises in delivering services for non-profit professional associations, societies and clubs. Located in East Melbourne, Australia, PAMS provides personnel and facilities to help reduce the cost of running organisations while increasing efficiency and attracting members.

It's helped in growing our business. Our clients are happy with the services provided and the time-savings by using web services is allowing us to take on more clients.


Prior to iMIS, the firm was not using a system to manage member information. As an association management company, PAMS needed to find a solution that was stable, reliable, and could be tailored to suit specific client requirements. Their client needs differed dramatically from one organisation to another and the new member management system would have to be flexible enough to meet all demands.


With iMIS, PAMS was able to provide their client organisations with a wide range of services in a fully integrated system -- everything worked together. In particular, they were able to offer online membership renewal options to clients as well as both online and offline event registration. Members were able to look after their own needs in real-time, which saved staff time and resulted in greater efficiencies.


PAMS is improving the online experience for their clients' members by expanding the web services available to them. The web-based functionality in iMIS is increasing efficiency and freeing up PAMS staff to focus on development rather than manual tasks. Most significantly, they are seeing a larger uptake in the number of renewals and event/conference registrations. As they see it, ASI keeps up with technology to provide improved services and this allows PAMS to concentrate on their clients.