Client Success with iMIS

Product Liability Advisory Council

Product Liability Advisory Council Success with iMIS Membership Software

Comprised of more than 100 leading product manufacturers and 350 of the most elite product liability defense counsels operating in the US and abroad, the Product Liability Advisory Council (PLAC) is a non-profit association formed in 1983 to analyze, understand, and shape the common law of product liability and complex litigation.

iMIS allows us to better track our recruiting efforts and helps us zero in on the best prospects. Our web presence and knowledge base solutions are an essential piece of our recruiting efforts for new corporate members.


PLAC wanted to deliver "large association" services despite having limited staff resources. They needed a system that could provide the best balance of power, usability, supportability, and web integration capabilities to help them achieve their goal. It was also important that they select a solution provider with a history of on-time and on-budget implementations -- this effort would be very visible to the membership and it was critical that they demonstrate value in months, not years.


PLAC has added a wide variety of new services through its website for members. Without iMIS, this would have required additional staff to accomplish. The organization has empowered members to search an online directory to find other members, view and edit their own directory information, register for conferences, pay dues and registration fees online, and share files/ideas via online communities. Additional reporting capabilities have allowed the association to more accurately monitor member acquisition initiatives and target their best prospects.


With ASI and their Authorized iMIS Solution Provider (AiSP), PLAC's iMIS implementation was completed on-time and on-budget. The organization added the additional technology and functionality without adding any IT staff -- in fact, PLAC is able to operate with no in-house IT staff. PLAC keeps detailed records and notes from interactions with their members and is now able to use this data to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their member services -- a crucial need for small associations.