Client Success with iMIS

New Apostolic Church Canada

New Apostolic Church Canada Success with iMIS Faith-based Software

The New Apostolic Church (NAC) is a worldwide fellowship with 500 congregations and 50,000 registered members in the United States and Canada. Each local congregation is led by volunteer lay ministers who officiate at services and events. The NAC Foreign Extension serves five million members in 75 countries.

iMIS is great because we have a platform we know we can depend on indefinitely and won't have to continually reinvent the wheel … ASI has thought out further in the future than we have. That's the great thing about using iMIS, ASI is constantly thinking outside the box and sharing information…


Before iMIS, each local congregation maintained their own program and membership list -- none of these was linked to NAC's main office, which resulted in duplication of data and made reporting time-consuming and difficult. The organization needed a centralized system that the locals could access to provide more timely and comprehensive information. NAC’s overall objective was to reduce the administrative workload for volunteers -- 25-30 different forms had to be filled out and sent to the main office, which created a burden for volunteers and diverted their attention away from spiritual matters.


With iMIS, local ministers were able to access the main office's information online, which decreased the amount of work required to report on weekly offerings and improved the accuracy of the information. NAC was able to use iMIS to compile contact and demographic data on members, track member activities and events in which they participated, automate business processes, and reduce manual tasks. This improved operational efficiency allowed NAC to strategically move forward and focus on fulfilling its mission, growing its membership, and supporting the NAC Foreign Extension.


NAC is realizing a variety of benefits as a result of the iMIS implementation -- from each local congregation all the way up to the main headquarters. What previously took six to eight weeks to process is now reported in just 24-48 hours. In addition to faster reporting, iMIS has reduced data entry by as much as 75%. NAC recognizes how important motivated volunteers are to its mission and they never want to disrespect or waste these resources. With iMIS, volunteers are now freed up from busy work to concentrate on more important spiritual matters.