Client Success with iMIS

Intensive Care Society

Intensive Care Society Success with iMIS Membership Software

The Intensive Care Society (ICS) is the representative body in the UK for intensive care professionals and patients. They are dedicated to the delivery of the highest quality of critical care to patients, and they perform many functions for the intensive care community, such as producing guidelines and standards as well as organising national meetings, training courses and focus groups.

We are saving staff time with automated processes -- so they can now use their time more productively. We can now ‘see’ our members, what they are doing with us, and how we can improve our services to them. And so far, all the projects are on-time and on-budget.


A long-time ASI client, ICS was previously using ProgressCRM to manage their data. They needed to respond to expanding member needs and wanted to integrate their data with their website. After a review of several options, they selected the iMIS engagement management solution.

As a fairly small organisation, with a small secretariat and administration team, the focus was on efficiency -- putting as much as possible online for supporters to do for themselves. Their main criteria were website integration and the need to automate as many of the existing and future processes as possible. They urgently needed an online grant application process as well as a way to streamline abstract submissions for their annual ‘State of The Art’ conference.


With iMIS, ICS was able to quickly get direct debit renewals in place for their members as well as the ability to book into their conference online. At the same time, they were able to speed up other payments into iMIS using batch-entry tools. Within three months of launching their new iMIS-driven website, ICS saw more than 530 online registrations – that’s nearly £150k in orders.

ICS is using e-marketing and email tools to communicate with members and analytical tools to understand more about members’ engagement. They are finding that the iMIS system offers so many capabilities that they have had to manage their priorities. Next up is a community site using templates already in iMIS. It will include member forums, and separate areas for the organisation’s 15 committees to engage with members and deliver everything they need.


Streamlined processes are reducing staff time and the staff is now more efficient than ever. The organisation has greater visibility into members’ needs and how to respond to them. After just a few months of working with the iMIS system, they are already producing great results. ICS can now report to their Trustees with clear information and demonstrate a proven return on investment.