Client Success with iMIS

Delta Delta Delta

Delta Delta Delta Success with iMIS Membership and Fundraising Software

Founded in 1888, Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) is a leader among social Greek organizations as a result of its passion for progress and visionary thinking. Tri Delta is committed to leveraging its values to revitalize the sorority experience through partnerships with nationally recognized organizations, educational programs, award-winning publications, and innovative collegiate and alumnae initiatives.

We chose iMIS because we wanted a one-database system where we didn't have to export and import data from the fundraising database into a membership database. iMIS seemed to encompass all of that. It gave us the fundraising capabilities we needed to track our donors, and the membership database we needed.


Tri Delta’s previous database system was customized for Greek organizations and had limited users and limited available resources. It also wasn’t an international database. They needed a system that could keep up with both technology and the organization’s future direction.


Tri Delta used iMIS to capture all of their fundraising campaigns by keeping track of donors, what donors had given, and statistical reports on which appeals were most effective. iMIS became a one-stop shop not only for fundraising but also membership, email campaigns, events, awards, and volunteer management.


The organization is now able to capture data and create reports in one location that all staff members can access. Custom tables in iMIS allow them to easily capture important data so they no longer need other databases. Tri Delta has found iMIS to be a great solution for the Greek organization because it can track information at both the membership as well as at the chapter level, including statistics, house information, properties, etc.