Client Success with iMIS


Chalice Success with iMIS Faith-based Software

Chalice is a ministry of the Catholic community that creates and nurtures relationships of life and love with more than 45,000 children in the developing world. Chalice has 55 sponsor sites in 15 different countries and receives support from donations as well as from those who sponsor an individual child through a monthly recurring contribution.

With iMIS efficiencies, Chalice has been able to improve our fundraising, enlarge our service area, increase transparency with real-time reporting, and extend staff time devoted to meeting the needs of our generous sponsors and the deserving children we are committed to help.


The organization had been using a proprietary program that didn't have the flexibility and functionality to meet their growing needs. Chalice needed to manage multiple relationships -- with and among the children, sponsors, donors, and organization itself. For years, data on each child was being entered at the sponsor site and then re-entered into the Chalice system. They wanted to better understand what was going on with the children they were monitoring, manage the correspondence/photos regularly sent from each child to their sponsors, and implement better tools to measure organizational performance.


After implementing iMIS, sponsor sites were provided remote access to enter information directly into the system, thereby relieving data entry burdens. The organization was able to enhance constituent communications, improve tracking to ensure sponsor wishes were being honored, and gain greater visibility into the particular needs of the children. Within iMIS, Chalice was able to closely monitor its fundraising and access the data in real-time, which aided in reporting to various agencies and constituents -- and improved decision making.


Chalice now has the real-time data it needs to help fulfill its important mission. iMIS saves 4-5 staff days per month, thereby freeing employees to focus more attention on fostering a deeper relationship between sponsors and children. Chalice has been achieving 7% annual growth over the past 5 years without hiring additional data entry staff. Retention rates are up to 95%, and they are receiving top grades for transparency and trustworthiness due in part to iMIS’ tracking and reporting capabilities. The organization has even been able to expand its relief efforts to include Haiti.