Client Success with iMIS

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Success with iMIS Membership Software

The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT) is an independent professional organization representing the interests of 29,000 licensed marriage and family therapists.

We have realized many benefits -- beyond our initial belief -- following the implementation of iMIS. The state-of-the-art technology has not only enabled a rich and rewarding opportunity for our members to engage with one another, but also allowed us to re-direct staff's time and our expenses toward activities that advance their professions.


CAMFT wanted to support and encourage member-to-member communication in a more efficient, effective and personalized manner. In particular, the organization hoped to appeal to a younger demographic that was active on social networking sites and would be more likely to participate in community initiatives. CAMFT also needed to replace its 10 listservs and put all of its paper-based presentations/proposals online to relieve administrative burdens on staff and reduce printing/postage expenses.


With iMIS, CAMFT implemented a private online community that provided members with collaboration tools -- like wikis and forums -- and personalized features, such as build-it-yourself profiles. With a single, unified login for both the website and online community, iMIS became the centralized location for administration. CAMFT was able to transition its listservs into groups based on members’ specific interests and create a comprehensive library for sharing and posting content.


After just four months with iMIS, participation on the new CAMFT online community surpassed its previous listserve activity. Member-to-member communication is now more personalized and the number of unwanted emails has been reduced. No longer supporting listservs or snail-mailing hard copies of association documents to committee members has freed the staff to focus on the organization’s core mission -- they now spend just 20 minutes per day following general online community activities and addressing issues.