Client Success with iMIS

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) Success with iMIS Regulatory Software

Founded in 1984, the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) is an independent, non-profit agency dedicated to meeting the demands for quality patient care by offering highly valued credentials for practitioners and suppliers of comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic care and durable medical equipment (DME) services. BOC offers certification programs for six professional areas as well as facility accreditation for prosthetic, orthotic DME suppliers, and pharmacies.

With iMIS, we are able to track any reported ethical claims on credentialed individuals and know where there are locations with higher instances of fraud. Our management team monitors those areas, reports on the issues, and communicates with staff and our customers through iMIS.


BOC was using paper files and spreadsheets to manage its certification and accreditation services. They needed an automated system that would allow them to grow their complex business. Data security was a paramount concern and they knew that a strong support network would be essential to their efforts. It was also important that the new solution integrate easily with third party applications to extend the functionality and tailor the system to meet BOC's specific needs.


iMIS became BOC’s central database for customer and prospect information. BOC began managing 6 different certification programs and 2 accreditation programs. They also processed applications and billing, and were able to track continuing education. They managed and automated their customer communications, including targeted emails, and the integration between the data and their website allowed customers to access their certification information, continuing education units (CEUs), accreditation status and other account details online. An online directory of certified professionals and accredited facilities was made available to the public and was updated automatically when changes were made in iMIS to an individual's or facility's credentials.


BOC has been an iMIS customer for more than 15 years. They continue to streamline and improve their application and business processes for both staff and customers. iMIS now captures the information they need, processes payments, and sends automated notifications to customers. They are processing more applications than ever before. Tracking and reporting capabilities allow them to monitor the status of customers’ continuing competency and actively track any reported ethical claims. iMIS also helps the organization ensure the utmost integrity of their data.